Drunk me is a very funny girl with zero boundaries and that’s ok

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Anonymous said: Why only a small extent

Because hat stuff interests me only when I am in love with someone. Idk why.

Anonymous said: Also when you get a chance compare him to the gif


Anonymous said: To what extent do you like it played with?

To a small extent!

Shots shots shots shots shots

Anonymous said: O okay, do you like having your ass played with like that? Also does the guy you like have a dick like that?

Sometimes yes! And that gif won’t load rn so I can’t say that I honestly know off the top of my head Ahah.

I’m at abels and there’s so many loud drunk white people and Jesus Christ why



You’ve Been Pouring Juice Wrong

The other way takes too long. Got shit to do man.

I’ve literally never seen someone pour juice like that

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